Mommy Time pure essential oil Lavender main benefits to help improve sleep quality, as a mosquito repellent also help to relieve stress and exhaustion in kids. From 100% Bio Extract Lavender Oil, the strong smell avoided by mosquitos. Also prefer to use during bath time. Promote calm and relaxation for babies.

How to use:

Method 1: Apply directly on the body that affordable with a sense of smell, such as: nape, behind the ears, wrists and feet.

Method 2: Mix with Mommy Time Baby Organic Oil for the babies massage.

Method 3: Drop Mommy Time Baby Essential Oil on clothes, blankets or pillows.

Method 4: use as natural alternative to artificial room fresheners. Use candle diffusers or water based vaporizers make for a safer, flame-free way to spread a scent throughout any room of your house

Safe and can be used for all ages