House of Phyto offer organic products

JAKARTA -PT Natural Beauty Creation which since 2007 has been marketing organic products and opening a beauty clinic, launched the House of Phyto, a house that provides various lifestyle needs for people with an organic concept.

As the name implies, House of Phyto is a comprehensive solution for Indonesian families who want to live healthier and live longer lives by providing cafes, clinics, and organic and natural products under one roof.

The House of Phyto was officially launched on 16-20 October 2019 through the 2019 Trade Expo Indonesia exhibition at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD, Tangerang. During the five days of this exhibition, the House of Phyto introduced its vision to create sustainable habits through the concept of organic living for all people and all ages.

"From an organic garden to your daily life, that's the habit we want to build with the House of Phyto. At this "home", we want to improve the quality of people's lives through experiences at our luxurious clinics, eating at healthy organic cafés, and experiencing the benefits of our organic products. All can be felt in one place, "said Listianawati Setio, President Director of PT Kreasi Cantik Alami in her press release.

Meanwhile, according to Lifestyle observer Dwi Sutarjantono, organic is currently becoming a trend. Because of trends, it is only part of the time and is just a part of it. In fact, if this is used as a lifestyle and even as a culture, it can be a solution for various health problems throughout the Indonesian people.

House of Phyto provides Café Kumo, a cafe with a contemporary concept that provides a variety of foods and drinks that are good for health and environmentally friendly. All ingredients used by Café Kumo are natural and organic, and are suitable for people who want to go on a diet, but still with delicious flavors.

One of the mainstays on the menu is the delicious and healthy Chia Seed Pudding. "At Kumo we serve organic food and drinks as an alternative for anyone who wants to be healthier," said Michelle Setio, one of Kumo's founders.

Natura Derma Clinic is one of the services offered at the House of Phyto. This beauty and health clinic provides a variety of treatments and therapies that have been known to the public for years, one of which is the Plasma Stemcell therapy which is useful for rejuvenating the skin and regenerating skin cells.

Every patient who performs treatment at Natura Derma, can do a skin test using a high-tech machine from Germany which is the only one in Indonesia, so as to produce a more personalized and detailed service. In addition, skin lightening treatment, hair care, hormonal therapy, and skin DNA testing are also a favorite service among customers.

House of Phyto also provides a variety of products that are certified organic for infants, adults, and even seniors. The products in the House of Phyto utilize various natural goodness and process it into bio extracts for daily needs that people need such as food, medicine, skin & body care, baby care, and even supplements. Using the latest technology in collaboration with Research & Development Laboratories from Japan and America, every product used and offered by the House of Phyto has passed international organic certification and uses quality materials, both from local gardens and imported organic materials.

For your child, House of Phyto provides Mommy Time, a baby care brand that is known to be one hundred percent organic, safe and hypoallergenic. The advantage of Mommy Time is to use ingredients that can kill viruses and bacteria in infants. Its superior products include essential oils, diaper cream, telon oil, and bug repellent.

The first House of Phyto will be opened at Pantai Indah Kapuk, and subsequently in the areas of South Jakarta and West Jakarta, and in the future in various cities in Indonesia. The interior and atmosphere of the House of Phyto is made in a modern Japanese minimalist style, so that consumers feel comfortable, like in their private residences.

House of Phyto offer organic products