House of Phyto Organic at A Glance

House of Phyto Organic is a one stop shop solution which provide various type of organic products with the best organically farmed ingredients such as essential oil, superfood, spa series and also skin care for Babies. As a one stop shop solution for organic products, House of Phyto Organic also consists of an Organic Café which offers delicious food, pastry and drinks with affordable price. To add more values to our beloved customers, Natura Derma Cosmeceutical Beauty Clinic is also a part of the House of Phyto Organic which gives safe solution for skin problems and weight loss treatments with satisfying results.

The Aim of House of Phyto – Pure Organic

Aimed to fulfil the desire of people who are concern about organic lifestyle and the sustainability values of daily products that they use and consume.

An organic lifestyle is one of the key to the essential beauty and health which bring people to live happier and more productive. Organic products are made from organically farmed ingredients. These ingredients are grown without using parabens and phthalates, Genetically Modified Organisms (GM), herbicides or synthetic fertilisers and other controversial chemicals. It is not only safe for people’s body and skin but also safe for wildlife and biodiversity.


Our vision is to create a sustainable habit from farm to fork, where all organic plants are processed by using Nano technology and stem cell into bio extract to inhibit the aging process.


House of Phyto Organic strives to create a community with sustainable values by providing healthy organic food - skin care - personal care and baby product for all families. We aim to educate people about organic lifestyle with the use of pure organic products for daily life through omni channels.

Brand Concept

We combine experience of luxury skin care - personal care - baby product and dining in one place.