Welcome to House of Phyto – Pure Organic

House of Phyto – Pure Organic is a place for one stop shop providing the best organic product, cosmeceutical beauty clinic and Cafe Phyto Organic.

The Aim of House of Phyto – Pure Organic

House of Phyto – Pure Organic is made to fulfill a desire of Indonesia people who concern about organic and sustainability value of the product they used or consumed.

A healthy lifestyle is one of the keys to beauty and health. The use of products made from natural ingredients and carrying out a series of safe body and skin care is also one of the supporting factors of beauty and health.

However, products from natural ingredients do not guarantee the health and beauty of a person. The effectiveness of a natural product is determined by the high content of active ingredients in the product. The active ingredients are taken from extraction processes that require high technology, clinical trial processes and a team of experts in their fields.


Our vision is to create a sustainable habit from farm to fork, where all organic plants are processed by using Nano technology and stem cell into bio extract to inhibit the aging process.


House of Phyto Organic strives to create a community with sustainable value by: Providing healthy organic food - skin care - personal care and baby product for all family. And Empowering community through education and information about organic and healthy product.

Brand Concept

We combine experience of luxury skin care - personal care - baby product and dining in one place.